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On April 15th(sun) New Junior Mance Trio's recording with violinist Michi Fuji at Cafe Loup!

Release in July! My 5th Album with Junior Mance.

Check it out my Facebook.


latest Gig


July 11 (wed)
Marc Devine(p) Trio 6pm to 10pm@Garage
with Fuku Tainaka(ds)

July 12 (thu)
Emma kemp(p,vo) Trio 4pm to 4:45pm@Johny Hartman Square with Pete Morgan(ds)

July 14 (sat)
Duo with Marc Devine(p) 12pm to 3pm@Brick

July 15 (sun)
Hide Tanaka Trio 6:30pm to 9:30pm@Cafe Loup
with Michi Fuji(vio) Steve Elmer(p)


Every Sunday 6:30pm to 9:30pm Junior Mance Trio @Cafe Loup with with Michi Fuji(vio)

contact & booking
Hidehiko Tanaka 

E-mail : hideoutbass@hotmail.com